In 2013 we launched StakeholderWatch: the first real time market research system. This system generates continuous data illustrating the sentiments and perceptions for all stakeholders. We work for leading organizations across the globe. The heart of the system is built up out of communities, in which customers, employees and suppliers periodically provide feedback on the organizations they are connected with. In addition to these communities, members from the general public participate in online panels (available in 54 countries) and participate in StakeholderWatch’s ongoing surveys.

The fully automated StakeholderWatch system controls and monitors the constant flow of all stakeholder market research. Data streams for all stakeholders are accessible and stored in a central database. Access to this central database is provided by standard and customized dashboards (per region, stakeholder group, topic) and download options. The dashboards display a continuous stream of stakeholder market research and include LexisNexis news media and social media data to enhance analysis opportunities.